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Shoprider Scooters

Shoprider Scooters

Spare Parts for Shoprider Mobility Scooters from DoParts


How to charge and maintain your Shoprider Battery:


If you use your SHOPRIDER™ during the day, charge up your batteries as soon as you get home. Your charger is fully automatic, so you cannot overcharge your batteries. Your SHOPRIDER™ will be ready each morning to give you a full day’s service.

It is good practice to have your shoprider charger plugged in and charging at all times while the scooter is not in use.Make sure that you put your scooter on charge the night before you are going to operate it, if you have not used your SHOPRIDER™ for more than 3 days.If not using your SHOPRIDER™ for extended periods of time, make sure the batteries are fully charged. This can be achieved simply by charging your batteries overnight, once every two weeks.

The batteries for your scooter should be kept at room temperature. BATTERIES Your SHOPRIDER™ scooter uses GELsealed lead acid or sealed lead acid deep cell batteries.They are maintenance free and transportable on airplanes, trains, automobiles etc., as there is no danger or spillage or leaking. Some aeroplanes may require documentation regarding transporting the batteries. Please check with your airline before travelling and have your local dealer contact us.


Turn key to OFF position.

Plug the charger into wall socket making sure the switch is in the OFF position.

Insert the battery charger interconnect (the three prong plug) into the interconnect socket on the right side of the tiller.

Turn charger switch ON.The red LED on the charger will light up, and the amber light will come on to indicate that the batteries are now being charged.

Leave the scooter charging for at least 12 to 16 hours to bring the scooter to full charge (when the batteries are fully charged this light will change to green). Your SHOPRIDER™ charger is built with stand-by mode which ensures that you cannot overcharge your batteries.


The Shoprider manual can ge found here:


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