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Repairing a piece of medical equipment can be far more economical than purchasing a replacement.

DoAbility offers a repair service for a various types of medical equipment for businesses' across Melbourne.

We are available every step of the way to provide unbiased technical advice, free quotes and a quick repair turnaround.

If your equipment is no longer working you have various options; return the equipment to the manufacturer, repair the equipment or purchase a replacement.

We provide an independent evaluation of your medical equipment to help you decide the best cause of action for your organisation or yourself.



If you choose to repair the equipment, we are happy to advise you free of charge and provide a quote.

If feasible, we will also provide an estimate of the time it will take to repair the equipment.

If repair is not possible or won't provide a cost-effective choice, we have the expertise to help you select a suitable replacement.

Our Fees:

 Call Out Fee:   $75 (Across the board) 
 Service Fees: 
    • In additon to Call Out Fee & under 30mins: $75
    • If more than a 30 minute job, it is $110 per hour.
 Small Shop Repairs:    $45 For tyres, brake cables, handgrips etc. 

Book an Appointment:
There are 3 options.
  1. Online:   By filling in our Service Request Form, (click on the icon):  
  2. Phone:  1300 122 355
  3. Email:    service@doability.com.au

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